What Software is your Business Using?

Your software sets the stage for how your business operates so selecting one that fits your operating model is crucial!  When the correct apps are chosen and are functioning as they should, the data is collected in a way that enables a complete feedback loop on many of your internal processes.  As a result, our primary work stream looks like this:

(1) Review of existing systems and data

(2) Recommending and implementing software changes

(3) Building a business specific data-model which produces insights that promote growth


Software Roadmap

Many small businesses in the trades start as a "one-man band", and the owner plays a crucial role in the day to day operations.  As they grow, systems and people are put in place to meet specific needs. These systems and people are all part of your operating system.  When is the right time to add people?  When do you add software?  Stak BI exists to help you work through these challenging questions.



Software Solutions for a Contractor

Learn how we helped a painting contractor change their software packages to better reflect their business model and collect the necessary information to provide a dashboard for their business.