Struggling with Inventory Management on the AccountEdge Platform?

We can help!

Our simple reporting model takes away the guessing game and gives you accurate inventory data in real time. 


In a world of increasingly difficult supply chain issues, accurate inventory reporting is crucial for making quick, forward-looking decisions. 


AccountEdge offers inventory reporting, but only at the top level of the BOM.  This presents an issue. As orders get added and scheduled for a build, the child components within your BOM show no commitments.  The result is a potential shortage during the build. 

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What is the solution?

Stak BI creates a web-based reporting model that decomposes your AccountEdge BOM and propagates build requirements to all child components.  Through a series of automated calculations, we build up an inventory report that gives you an inventory forecast for every component in your BOM.

How does the reporting work?

Simple. Once your model is completed you export your auto-build and your inventory report, email them to a service account, and go view your refreshed inventory report within our web-portal.

What is the value?

Inventory forecasts are crucial when you are working with your supply base to order additional components.  How many belts should I order to fulfill my current requirements and hedge on future requirements?  This conversation starts with your complete build requirements.  Without them, you are forced to guess, creating challenges with component availability during a build.

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks for helping us set up our software packages! The real time automated feedback is key for remaining confident and flexible as a business!"


"StakBI has created a job profitability scorecard which has allowed me to hand-off responsibility and accountability without relinquishing my knowledge of where the business is at. Thank you and keep up the good work!"


"Thanks for helping lock down the data entry process in our apps. It closes the loop on costing of each contract!"


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